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Hand-in-Hand (HinH) Homes save young children who come from broken, poor and abusive families and communities.

Children age 3-7 attend HinH Homes where they are met by our professional, loving staff, who provide them with hot meals, cognitive enrichment, emotional support, appreciation of values and normative behavior, and an abundance of warmth and love.

Welcome real change

From physical and spiritual nourishment, children grow to be productive happy members of society, they grow to become famous internationally acclaimed artists, soldiers, academics, lawyers, doctors, business owners, giving their family what they received only at HinH Homes.

Without HinH Homes’ HAPPY & GROWING experience at a young age, the children’s risk of falling into the cycle of poverty and abuse grows exponentially. 

Each home makes an immediate and future impact, literally saving lives!

12,000 Children Saved

 and counting...

We have 10 homes, help us get to 100!

A HinH Home is a beacon of good and hope in troubled communities. It changes hopelessness to hope, brings light to where only darkness resides.

Each Home cares for 30 kids a year, and with 10 homes, we help 300 a year. 

Imagine what we can do with 100 Homes. Change the lives and future of 3,000 Children a year. Imagine how bright all of our futures will be then.

Let's build

90 more!

How can you help?

Corporate supporters

Support an HinH Home in your community


Each home costs $100,000 to support 300 children per year.

We work with corporate supporters who wish to take a home under their wing, as part of their core culture of giving.

We would also be happy to work with your corporation to open an HinH Home in your community.



Volunteer or donate - the help you offer to HinH children is invaluable

We and the children thank you from the bottom of our hearts for every hour and every dollar you invest in their future.

Mrs. Shelly Hoshen,

HinH Founder & President

Mrs. Hoshen has been running Hand in Hand voluntarily since 1982.


Born in Bulgaria, she endured the worst of World War II as a child. In 1948, after the war, she came to Israel, served as an officer in the Israeli Defense Forces, graduated in Psychology and practiced many years helping young children.

Mrs. Hoshen founded HinH to help children from broken families and communities before they break. With her winning and vigorous personality, Mrs. Hoshen attracted donors, volunteers and professionals from around the world. 

For her remarkable accomplishments, Mrs Hoshen and HinH were honored by many:


  • The Presidential Award for Volunteerism

  • Certificate of Appreciation from the Prime Minister's Office

  • Volunteer letter from Knesset Israel (Israeli Parliament)

  • Lions' Volunteer of the Year

  • B'nai B'rith Award for Volunteerism

  • The Outstanding Volunteer Award of the Mayor of Tel Aviv-Jaffa.

  • And recently the Lifetime Achievement Award


For changing the lives of thousands of people.


"My motto is to save children, to go to the most difficult places and make a change the way I know how."

Mrs. Shelly Hoshen 

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